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Low-Income Assistance for Families in Need

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to cover all your expenses every month so we have developed a comprehensive directory of benefits, resources, programs and help for those that qualify. There are Numerous local, state and federal government organizations, included but not limited to; charities, churches, private businesses and other companies offer a wide variety of low-income assistance programs you may be eligible for. There are several programs that can help hardship victims get help with paying your rent, utility bills, mortgage assistance, or provide foreclosure prevention.

There are additional services that can help with medical bills, school loans, personal loans or related expenses, and much more. Below is a list of hardship victim programs that may be of use to you. State low income assistance programs: All state governments offer assistance in some form or fashion to residents that may be struggling. State governments offer such low income programs as LIHEAP energy bill assistance, many states will provide help with paying rent and security deposits, they may offer free health care, and more. Find a list of states and the low income assistance programs they offer.

Community Action Agency: There are over 1,100 community action agencies located across the country that provide low and moderate income families with various services. The programs and resources that are administered can provide people with short term assistance with paying their bills. These agencies will also be able to coordinate long term support so people can get back on their feet. Find a listing of community action agencies. Federal government low income programs: Low income housing assistance: The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) organization helps almost 1.5 million families annually with paying their rent and security deposits. The federal government funded organization also helps prevent evictions and provides resources to stop homelessness. They offer rental vouchers to those low income families who are struggling with their housing expenses.

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Resident in 1 of the 50 states and Related Territories

U.S. Citizen or Non-Citizen legally admitted to the U.S

Must be 18 years of age or older

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