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Government Assistance

There are times in life when you need outside assistance and are looking for financial, housing, and family services that are in-place to help you in your time of need. We are dedicated to providing you a nationwide comprehensive directory that includes, resources, benefits, and programs to help individuals and families with hardships they may be facing. Knowing what resources and government assistance may be available to you is the first step to qualifying for the help you may be eligible to receive. State Government Assistance There are numerous ways to apply to state programs that can assist you. Apply online by using the ABE application directly from the organization for SNAP, cash, housing or medical assistance in your state. You can also access your local human services office to get assistance in person. You can access the list of resources and programs through our online directory, to find the one that best can help your situation and to see if you qualify. Federal Government Assistance If you have a low income and need help with basic living expenses, you may qualify for government benefits to help cover food, housing, medical and other costs. This type of government assistance is called federal assistance, federal aid or federal funds. You can get information directly from programs like TANF, Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP, EITC, Supplemental Security Income and housing assistance. See If you Qualify for government assistance and gain access to our Resource Directory.

Do I Qualify


Resident in 1 of the 50 states and Related Territories

U.S. Citizen or Non-Citizen legally admitted to the U.S

Must be 18 years of age or older