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Several programs are available for individuals suffering from hardship due to credit and debt problems. Check your eligibility today to see what programs you qualify for.

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We understand how difficult the stress can be on individuals and families that are experiencing challenges with their outstanding debt and poor credit scores so we have developed a comprehensive directory of benefits, resources, and programs that can help those who qualify. There are several ways to get out from under Medical Bill and Credit Card debt or to get assistance with outstanding loans. You have the option to consolidate it, enter into debt reduction or credit card hardship programs, reduce the interest rates on any loans or even completely eliminate it. Most lenders are willing to offer some form of assistance to borrowers, and non-profit agencies can also assist, if you know where to find them. Various options are available to help you reduce the amount of debt that you have. With less debt and higher credit scores you can save money on future purchases and expenses. Below you can access some resources and programs to assist you with your credit or debt. Credit Counseling Services can provide educational programs on money management, help you develop a personalized budget and financial plan. You can find free or low cost services at some credit unions, religious organizations, and nonprofit agencies. With debt consolidation, you can get a single loan with a low interest rate, to pay off all of your smaller loans, leaving you with one monthly payment that’s easier to manage, resulting in you paying your debt off more quickly and on time. The way it affects your credit is by taking a personal loan to pay off your outstanding debt, your utilization ratio could go down, causing your credit score to go up.

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Resident in 1 of the 50 states and Related Territories

U.S. Citizen or Non-Citizen legally admitted to the U.S

Must be 18 years of age or older